From concept to build, programming and execution, Optimist created an immersive experience and show for media guests to introduce them to lululemon Studio, the service connecting members to the most dynamic fitness content, community and products — at home, in person and on the go.  lululemon ambassadors and digital leaders took to the stage to provide insight into the benefits and access the new platform provides, including streaming classes from their most sought-after studios. The guests were then taken through a choreographed workout journey led by those very fitness experts to demonstrate the breadth of workout styles available and lululemon’s commitment to supporting personal well-being journeys. Guests were gifted head-to-toe lululemon looks, water bottles, yoga mats and more to wear and use for the experience and beyond.


Art Direction, Experiential Design 

We Are Friends, Alan Barba, Toygar Bazarkaya, Ryan Bair, Alayna Davidson, Adonis Philp, Jo Melendes.

Work conducted as part of Optimist

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